Items for sale

Farrokh Jahandari’s 1973 850 for sale:

• 300 miles on engine rebuild
• Belt drive primary -500 miles on new belt and clutch plates
• 520 O-ring rear chain conversion with 500 miles on new sprockets
• Pazon electronic ignition. Shorai Lithium Iron battery with dual circuit breakers
• Brembo floating disc brake with Brembo Master cylinder/caliper
• Lansdowne adjustable fork damper conversion
• Hagon rear shocks with adjustable damping
• tach drive oil seal conversion
• Anti-wet sump check valve. Reed valve crankcase breather
• Stainless steel spokes/nipples. 18 inch rear wheel
• Solid state voltage warning light sensor
• Braided stainless rocker oil line feed
• MK3 kick start lever
• 500 miles on new gearbox kickstart pawl
• Roller layshaft conversion
• 500 miles on new alternator stator and rotor
• Service records, documentation and one set of keys is included.
• Contact: Paul Brown  703-338-0980
More pictures:

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