Jim Siemer

Jim Siemer passed away on Dec. 1st. His wife, Patty, contacted George Ade. Jim had a lot of serious heath issues due to diabetes. Most of our members from the eighties will remember him, before he moved to California. He relocated to Florida about 6-7 years ago. 

A dedicated Norton man, Jim road raced his 69 Fastback, then a Featherbed powered by a Commando engine, which he sold to me. 

Jim had a wonderful personality, and enjoyed giving parties. Listening to stories about him are a source of much amusement. I flew out to CA to ride up to the 1990 National Rally in Lake Tahoe with him and Patty. I had the pleasure of restoring his 850 about 5 years ago. He had a lot of machine tools, and made parts for gyrocopters. We can always use more members that are as enjoyable as Jim. 

—Chris Greenbacker 

For me, Chris G, Breed, Prando and J.S. were the core of this club. Without you guys the bird would not have made it into the air. JS was generous and kind to my punk ass. He’s the first cat that said I could/should race. He sold me my first little Ducati and the grooviest Triton I had ever touched. JS was a great lover of gear, his taste ran wide. He had a cool, c’69 El Camino to haul his racing bikes in the mid-eighties. All the years and all the rides it is only with JS leading a day ride on a beautiful Saturday out Monte Video Rd. that the ride leader pulled over to light a spliff. I thought these old hippies kick some arse. I miss him and thank him for his friendship. 

—Christian Kelleher 

JS will be missed by us all. I still remember his unmistakable laugh. I still remember going to Patty and Jim’s wedding in CA as well as vacationing with him on Lake Champlain as well as Harbour Island in the Bahamas. May he rest in peace. BTW Chris K. his El Camino was a 1960. He named her Justine. His son, Mark, totaled her on his road, Santa Rosa Creek Rd. but as JS said she was proud and drove herself to the junkyard. Cherish his memories. 

—Mac Seavey

Obituary for Jim Siemer

You can find JS’s obit here.

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