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The new website is just about finished. Take a look around and let me know what works and what doesn’t work. The Members Only login only requires the password (the same password as before), you don’t need a user name for the Members Only.

There is a new feature, a Blog, on the new website (You’re looking at it now). Anyone can leave a comment (you just need to enter your name and email). But if you register, you become an author and can participate more than just reading and leaving comments — post new topics and discussions, etc. I thought we could try the blog idea and see how it goes . . .

12 thoughts on “New NCNO website”

  1. Great job Blair. Really liked the method of voting for officers as well. This is impressively modern for a bunch of greasy brit bikers.

  2. Well, this year’s annual “New Year’s Day Dog Run” was attended by four members. Meeting at my house were Dave Hepner, Sam Jackson and Tom Renda. Dave rode his Aprilia, Sam was on his BMW, Tom was on a Yamaha 350 and I was on my Norton. We rode through the countryside and Dave said he thought he heard banjos. We stopped in Thurmont for lunch and while eating it started to rain. The ride home was in the rain but overall a great day of riding. Happy New Year.

  3. Thanks to Burt and everyone who came out and supported the N.C.N.O booth at the DC Motorcycle show. It was a lot of fun and there was much interest at our booth. It was also great to have the Electric Norton on display along with Brian Richardson and Rich. Another great weekend had by all!

  4. Marc Burkhardt

    NCNO goes all 21st century! A blog! Cool product sponsors! I am enjoying Colorado, but not on a machine. I am, however, restoring a ’72 Triumph T120V Bonneville, and figured I’d check and see if ya’lls site had any handy hints & helpful vendors. What was I thinking- Triumph stuff on a Norton club website? Any way, it looks damned good. I had high expectations until I saw the ‘proudly presented by Word Press’- I think Word Press is a Joe Lucas product- I go on a lot of political blogs, and WP is prevalent as a template. FYWP is a feature, not a bug. Anyway, I am impressed, and hope to get back East at some point. On a machine.

  5. I concur with Marc Burkhardt’s Word Press jab and want to throw in one of my own. They should apply the same technology on the Marketplace and t-Shirts pages as on the Pictures page ‘cuz I hate to use the Browser’s BACK button and that little JavaScript ‘Close Page’ gadget works so much better for me. [OK maybe it’s not JavaScript, maybe it’s ActionScript or VBScript — I dunno but u get my drift]. Oh yea, and Blair, I love your website… XOXO.
    Mort Simon, 004 (Licence to take Pot-Shots)
    P.S.: They should make the Norton pictures at the top of the page a hyperlink to the site Home Page. (004, Baby… That’s NCNO-talk for ‘Bazinga!’

  6. Hello sir,

    Was referred by the norton club in the Netherlands to ask the question to you HELP ME PLEASE.

    I have a norton commando 750 built in 1971 purchased in the USA with matching numbers [202214 ]

    Have the norton for inspection to the government in the Netherlands [Presented]

    Unfortunately they do not want to give their approval for the norton because the vin number is not engraved on the frame [headset]steering head]
    but on a separate [vin] plate.In the Usa It was not acquired by law to have the vin number engraved in the [ headset] steering head before 1981 my norton
    is from 1971. The dutch government want prove of this law. Could you help me please with any prove of this law? That would be great.

    Thank u, hope to hear from u.

    With kind regards…Jan

    P.S. sorry for my bad english, I hope you understands what I have written.

    1. Hi Jan,
      I wish I could help but most US States honor titles for vehicles.
      Titles are obtained when the vehicle is purchased.
      The old title is presented to State registrars for vehicle registration and a new title is issued in the purchasers name.
      In the US your Norton would qualify for an Antique or Historic vehicle and be registered as such.
      Hopefully you obtained bill of sale and a title from a US state, present that as proof of ownership and purchase.
      In the US Nortons without titles can be a problem and titles can be purchased online for registration.
      When we restore our Nortons we stamp new plates for the frame with the numbers.
      I suggest you stamp your number on the frame and try to pass that off as legal.
      Maybe someone in the UK can be of help.
      Hope you enjoy your Norton as much as I have enjoyed mine.
      Ride Safe,

  7. Rich Doublebower

    RIP Mike, from friend of Loretta Atkinson Greenbacker (delFino) Shocked @ rec’ving news from common friend. “Dan, open a can of peaches.” Al Swerengen (Deadwood)
    dubs (db, aka Joisey Boy)

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