Stafford Pix

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1 thought on “Stafford Pix”

  1. I had a ball on that trip..
    heard before the trip.. “i heard beer is expensive there.. i’m not gonna drink” too funny for words..
    heard at the airport .. “when i get to there (to the ticket counter) they’re gonna blow a whistle..” they did… lol.. not for him, but one still went off.. it was funny as sheet..
    at the show helping Sammy Miller move the Verdel from the display to the his van.. Chris said to me “here, you take this one you’re the most sober”
    truly, the bikes over there at the Stafford show were just amazing.. we saw more beautiful restorations than you can imagine .. the auto jumble (swap meet) was huge .. there was a guy who specialized in girder forks.. he had a hundred sets of them… the scope of the show was boggling.. if you’re into Brit bikes you should go.. I’d love to go again. Sammy running the Verdel

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